This site is “about” the craft of christian ministry written quite literally on the edge of the continent, or at least within sight of the edge.  It is not “progressive” per se not because we won’t be treating LGBTQI+ inclusion as an affirmatively settled matter (for example) but rather because we not longer know what “progressive” means theologically, spiritually, politically, or culturally.

This site is “about” craft, work, honing, struggle, fucking up, mending, error, shaping, correction, restarting, cutting your finger, using the wrong tool, failing, winning, creating, trimming, skill, using the right tool incorrectly, process,  and finally using right tool for the right job the right way…. At last!  But this site is never “about” industrialized process ministry.

We are not building a brand in the sense of “billions” or “millions” or “thousands” or even “hundreds” served with the same identical “burger” “idea” “theology” or whatever the “chain,” “franchise,” or “brand strategy” mentality dreams up for ministry.  Others have that really well covered.  This is “about” individually crafted ministry one person at a time.  It’s not that “production at scale” isn’t important or valuable it’s just we don’t do that.